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 Hi. I am Carl Mohler. Head Trainer and franchise owner, here in Bozeman. I have been a lifelong Motorcycle enthusiast, and have owned a bike most of my adult life. I am also a Marine Corps veteran, and have found that long rides can really clear my mind, so I find myself on my bike as often as the weather allows. This love of riding has also had me going on various bike tours around the country, and soon leaving for Great Britain for a ride all around the island. In all of my trips, the one thing I noticed is that people in vehicles do not know how to act around a motorcycle. This makes driving and riding more dangerous, especially in tourist areas. This had led me to looking for ways to make sure I was in the most proper mindset, and knew what to do when someone else was making poor decisions. I found ProRider, and have learned the style of riding that the police use, as safety amongst a riding officer is of the utmost importance, as the rest of the job is dangerous enough. Now when I go riding, I know I will be safe, and so will those around me, and now I get to teach you how to feel the same level of safety on your bike. It would be my pleasure to help you be in better control of your motorcycle experience.

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